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Abacus aims to offer one-click Masternode hosting for only the highest-quality Masternode projects. Abacus-hosted Masternodes will give investors peace of mind, because any coin hosted on Abacus will be vetted by our team prior to listing on our hosting platform.

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In Order to Participate in this Masternode sale you are required to download the Abacus wallet below and provide your new wallet address to receive your master node coins.

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Abacus Coin Specs

### Coin Specs

ABA Technical Specifications

Symbol ABA
Block Time 120 seconds
Difficulty Retargeting DGWv3
Address Prefix A
Block Reward 10 ABA
Halving 12 months
Ports 3355, 33556
Masternode Collateral 1000 ABA
Block Reward Distribution 5/5( 50% Staking / 50% Masternode )
PoW Algorithm Quark
P2P Port 3355/td>
RPC Port 33556
Max Supply 10,000,000 ABA
Premine 5%

### Reward Distribution

Genesis Block

Block Height Reward Amount Notes
1 500,000 ABA Initial Pre-mine

### Rewards Breakdown

YearBlock Reward (50% for Masternodes/ 50% for Staker)Masternodes RewardStaker Reward

Year 1 10 ABA 5 ABA 5 ABA
Year 2 5 ABA 2.5 ABA 2.5 ABA
Year 3 2.5 ABA 1.25 ABA 1.25 ABA
Year 4 1.25 ABA 0.625 ABA 0.625 ABA

Every year block rewards are reduced by 50%